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Marble cake 🍰. Place flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, butter or margarine, eggs, vanilla, and milk into mixing bowl. A marble cake is a cake with a streaked or mottled appearance (like marble) achieved by very lightly blending light and dark batter. It can be a mixture of vanilla and chocolate cake, in which case it is mainly vanilla, with streaks of chocolate.

Marble cake 🍰 Make sure you don't overmix or you won't see the pattern. The latest Tweets from Marblecake (@marblecakedex). DeFi Platform on BSC 🍰 ELEGANT DECORATION – This Luxury Cake Stand Set is made from the highest quality marble and its classy design can match any event or occasion- It is the perfect display for any cake! 🍰 CONVENIENT STORAGE – The dessert stand can easily come apart for practical storage when it's not being used. You can have Marble cake 🍰 using 13 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Marble cake 🍰

  1. It’s 1 pinch of salt.
  2. It’s 120 g of sugar.
  3. Prepare 6 of egg white.
  4. You need of Batter.
  5. You need 6 of egg yolk.
  6. Prepare 200 g of soft butter.
  7. You need 160 g of sugar.
  8. Prepare 280 g of flour.
  9. You need 20 g of cocoa powder.
  10. It’s 2 tablespoons of rum.
  11. You need 20 g of baking powder.
  12. Prepare Pinch of lemon zest.
  13. Prepare 5 drops of Vanilla extract.

GF Orange Blossom Jelita Marble Cake 🍰.#jeli tamarble #kek m arblejelita #for y ou #mar b lecake #mar b lejelita #kek m arble #kek #kek v iral #cak e #tik t okmalaysia. original sound – twinbakers. Strawberry The best marble cake I've ever had. And here's how you can make it. It's been a long time coming, but I finally have a marble cake recipe to share with you!

Marble cake 🍰 instructions

  1. Mix the egg whites, 120g of sugar and a pinch of salt with a mixer. Mix until it looks as in the picture below..
  2. Mix the butter, sugar, vanilla extract, lemon zest and rum together. One by one mix the egg yolks in very slowly. If you mix it too fast the texture is bad. Add slowly the marshmallow in..
  3. Use half of the batter then sprinkle the Cocoa powder on the batter and mix well..
  4. Smear your baking mould with butter then sprinkle some flour on it. Put the normal batter into your baking mould. Then put your chocolate batter in a piping bag and pipe a line around it..
  5. With a fork make a spiral to give that marble look. Preheat the oven to 150-160 Celsius. Bake for 1 hour with 180 Celsius..
  6. Cool off your cake. Melt some chocolate to spread on the cake. Roast some almonds to sprinkle on top..

This recipe is years in the making- in fact, I wanted to publish a marble cake in my first cookbook but couldn't perfect a recipe in time. (Though there is a marble pound cake. Marble cake Leveling an English Walnut slab to reveal the beautiful grain underneath. Apparently they call this coloring effect marble cake, who knew!. Wayward Grain – Marble cake 🍰 Leveling an English Walnut. Take a bowl for dry ingredients,put butter and sugar together whisk till both dissolve , add venilla essence and milk whisk it nicely.

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