Amlon Group best practices: how to prolong the life span of hydroprocessing catalysts

Hey fellow refinery enthusiasts additional reading. We know that the hydroprocessing catalysts in any refinery are indispensable, turning crude into valuable products. Wouldn’t you like to extend the life of this magic? Absolutely! Amlon Group’s best practices for extending the life of hydroprocessing catalysts are available to you. Let’s go!

Quality Catalyst Select
It all starts with making the right decision. Amlon Group experts can guide you on how to choose high-quality, robust hydroprocessing catsalysts that will withstand your refinery’s challenges.

Effective Preactivation Steps
Pre-activation works like warming up for a game. This ensures the catalysts perform at their highest level. Using our best practices, we will guide through the important pre-activation procedures to optimize your initial catalyst performance.

Start-up Procedures for Gentle Users
It is important to start your hydroprocessing reagents gently, just like you would if you were holding a baby. The Amlon Group is able to show you that gradual procedures are important in order not to put undue strain on your catalysers, thus extending their lifespan.

Smart Catalyst Regeneration
Catalyst renewal can breathe life into old catalysts. Our experts share the smartest techniques to bring back your hydroprocessing oxidizing catalysts.

Guarding against Fouling
Those nasty fouling substances can damage your catalyst, shortening its lifespan. Be not afraid! Learn how to maintain catalysts and combat fouling with our best practices.

Optimizing Feedstock Quality
The quality of the feedstock you use is more critical than you may think. Amlon Group will give you expert advice to help optimize feedstock and catalyst quality.

Routine Catalyst Testing
It’s important to be on the lookout for any catalysts that could cause problems. Learn how to develop routine monitoring techniques that detect issues before they become a major headache.

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