Bathtubs That Have Been Refinished Need Maintenance To Keep Their Great Look

The cost of hiring a remodeler for a damaged bath is less expensive than replacing the tub. If you want to ensure that your tub continues to meet expectations, after the reglazing process, make sure to take care of it. The bathtub should be left for at least 48 hours before use. In order to avoid damaging the surface, it’s important not to use the bathtub until the finish has been set. Additional info?

In the event that the tub has been used, it should no longer be filled with soap. It can lead to water being trapped at the surface and eating away the glass. For storage of soaps, shampoos, and similar items in the bath or shower area that won’t damage the refinishing on the tub. Also, bathmats or wet towels can lead to excessive exposure of moisture. Rugs that hang over the edge of the tub are another item that could cause this.

Cleaners that are abrasive should not be applied to the freshly finished tub surface. You should instead use a non-abrasive foam gel or liquid that is recommended to clean porcelain or fiberglass surfaces. It is important to clean the bathtub regularly in order to prevent any buildup on its surface. Cleaning the tub regularly will prevent the build-up of soap scum, even if you don’t see any evidence of dirt. In the event that soap scum becomes a serious problem, using a nylon-net scrubber, or a soft plastic brush, will be able to help you remove it. For oily residues after reglazing a bath tub, an inexpensive soap applied with a lightly abrasive nylon scrubber will work better.

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