Benefit from Managed Voice Service

Advanced internet-based telephony delivers a wide range of benefits from enhanced productivity, mobility and streamlined infrastructure to lower operating costs. These benefits are the reason why many businesses opt for VoIP to fulfill their communication needs. The primary goal of managed VoIP is to offer business enterprises the expertise, skills, and knowledge they require to make sure that voice quality matches or exceeds their expectations. Additional info?

For a successful migration from IP-based to IP-based IP services, technical resources are required with knowledge of voice data as well as the characteristics unique of running Voice on a Data Network. This is why these skills are so in-demand when moving to IP based services.

This is because the voice quality for these services can be compared to that of traditional PSTN phones. If reporting and diagnosing capabilities are included in the VoIP Network Design, it is easy to determine the voice-quality features. Network-management strategies focus on voice quality. Real-time monitoring is done of any voice-quality problems at infrastructure levels such as packet loss, jitter or latency. This is only possible if the data can be converted into diagnostics and remedial measures. Benefits of using a managed service include:

Reduced capital expenditures. Business entities are not required to purchase an IP-PBX system or associated equipment as the services and features can be delivered via the network. Managed partitioning services provide infrastructure assistance in the form of VoIP switch equipment, VoIP gateway software, software NOC, etc. It is easy for the companies to keep track of their investment.

Operating cost can be predicted . Services for fully network switch partitioning are calculated based on monthly voice and internet charges.

Maintenance costs are low . The technical service provider for network switch division takes care all of the necessary details.

VoIP performance : The VoIP service offers many advantages over PSTN such as better quality of service, improved security, reliability and business continuity.

Scalability. These solutions offer greater flexibility than traditional premise equipment when it comes to scaling.

Enhances productivity: A VoIP fully-managed solution provides advantages including customized applications and web portal-based communications management.

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