Capastrami Sandwiches from Capriotti’s are a must-try for gastronomic bliss

The Capriotti Sandwich Shop, nestled within the culinary heartland of Naples, has been for many years a favorite of sandwich lovers who are looking to find perfection in two slices of bread. Capastrami is one of their many mouth-watering sandwiches. Capriotti’s Capastrami Sandwich is the perfect culinary treat that tantalizes your palate and leaves you wanting more, you have to try the Capastrami sandwich from Capriotti’s.

Fusion of Flavors

Capastrami combines two classic delis – Italian capicola, and New York pastrami. Each bite is filled with a unique symphony. The rich, smoky pastrami and the savory, peppery capicola combine to create a masterpiece.

Enjoy the taste of quality ingredients

Capriotti’s Capastrami is made with the highest quality ingredients. Each ingredient in the sandwich is chosen to maximize flavor and freshness. Swiss cheese, Russian dressing and crispy lettuce are then expertly layered between two pieces of fresh baked bread. Every component is in perfect balance to deliver a truly extraordinary culinary experience.

Sandwiches fit for a Royalty

Capastrami sandwiches aren’t your standard deli food – they’re a feast fit for kings. The sandwich’s generous servings and strong flavors will please even the most discriminating palate. Capastrami can be enjoyed as an evening snack or for dinner.

The Senses: A feast for the senses

Capastrami sandwiches are a great way to delight all your five senses. You’ll notice the delicious aroma of capicola and pastrami as you first take a bite. Its tender and juicy texture is a perfect contrast to the crunchiness of the lettuce. The melted Swiss adds velvety smoothness. Every bite will leave you wanting more.

Culinary Tradition

Capriotti’s is known for its exceptional sandwiches, which they have served since 1976. Their Capastrami Sandwich is an example of the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation. Capastrami, with its special blend of ingredients and devotion to quality, has been a popular sandwich among connoisseurs all over the United States. If you are a Capriotti’s fan or new to the restaurant, this sandwich will delight and amaze.

Capastrami sandwiches from Capriotti’s are more than just meals – they’re a culinary adventure that will leave your taste buds tingling and you wanting more. The sandwich’s fusion flavors, high-quality ingredients and unique taste make it a masterpiece. The next time that you are craving something delicious, treat yourself to the Capastrami from Capriotti’s. You will not be disappointed.

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