Carpet cleaning tips for Lane Cove residents

Homeowners may prefer to clean their carpets themselves, even though professional services are available in Lane Cove. You may enjoy DIY projects. If so, you will find some useful tips in this article to help keep your carpets fresh and clean.

1. Regular Vacuuming

The cornerstone to carpet cleaning is regular vacuuming. This helps keep dirt, dust and other debris off the carpet surface, preventing them from becoming embedded. At least vacuum carpets every week. Focus on high-traffic zones.

2. Stains Should Be Removed Promptly

It’s inevitable that accidents happen. But if you deal with stains quickly, they can be prevented from becoming permanent. Use a white clean cloth to gently blot up the spill. Do not rub, because this can force the stain deeper into the carpet. Best results can be achieved by using a solution of water, mild detergent and/or a special carpet stain remover.

3. You can use baking soda to eliminate odors

You can use baking soda to remove odors from your carpets. Sprinkle generous amounts of baking soda onto your carpets. Let it rest for a couple hours, or even overnight. After vacuuming thoroughly, remove all the baking powder and odors.

4. Buy a Carpet Shampooer

For a deeper clean, consider investing in a carpet shampooer. These machines are capable of cleaning your carpets, removing embedded dirt and stains. Use a cleaning product that is carpet friendly and follow manufacturer instructions.

5. Test Cleaning Products

Always test any new carpet cleaners on a small area before using them to be sure they will not damage the fibers.

6. Carpets: Protect them

Taking preventative measures will help you keep your carpets in good condition. Doormats can be placed at the entrance of your home to help reduce dirt. You can ask your family and friends to remove their footwear when they enter the home.

7. You can rotate your furniture

It is possible to distribute wear more evenly by rotating furniture on a regular basis. This easy step will extend the life of your carpet.

8. Professional Cleaning

Even though DIY cleaning methods are effective, you’ll want to hire a professional to do a deeper clean every 12 to 18 month.

DIY carpet cleaners can provide a great way to clean your carpets at a low cost. Following these tips will help you keep your carpets at their best, and increase their longevity. But remember, professional cleaning services are still needed periodically for a thorough and deep clean to create a beautiful home.

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