Eco Friendly Beco Bowls Your Pet’s Best Friend

What is the one thing that makes your pets so happy? Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is their food bowls. Your furry friends will love them. What if instead of using the usual plastic bowls, you used something more unique and safe for your pet? The beco bowls, which are all the rage in the market right now, are what we are talking about. These bowls are eco friendly and made from waste.

A beco is made either of bamboo or rice husks. The leftover plant fibres are collected once the crops have been harvested. The plant fibers are ground down into a fine, powdery texture using a unique process. This is then combined with a biodegradable polymer made of amino acids. This resin helps create a smooth finish by binding the powder. The bowl’s majority is bamboo and husk. Bamboo is chosen because it is a grass breed that is durable and resilient. The mixture is poured in a hot mold and then pressed to form attractive beco dishes. The bowls then need to be cooled before they can be packed.

These beco bowls can be disposed of on a pile of compost after use. They will eventually degrade due to their formulation. When exposed to warm and damp conditions continuously, the bowls will biodegrade within 2 to 3-years. The bowl is also good for the planet as it won’t pollute it. These green products are not fragile, they’re tough and durable like plastic. They come in vibrant colours to attract pets. The ergonomic design allows your pet to comfortably rest his chin on the bowl and reach its food at the bottom. These environmentally friendly beco bowls usually have a low wavy edge that’s suitable for cats and dogs. These bowls come in different sizes, so you can select one that suits your pet.

The new cat bowls look very cool. These bowls have a lower rim to make it easier for the cats to eat. A new slow-feed bowl has a wave shape in the centre to help your pet eat his food without rushing. The bases are made from natural rubber to prevent them from moving around on the ground unnecessarily. They are available in natural, pink, brown, green, and bright green. They are dishwasher safe and easy to maintain. Do not worry if you do not know where to buy these eco friendly beco pet bowls. They can be purchased online by various sellers of green products. You can get them at attractive discounts. The product will also be delivered on time to you, no matter how far you are. There are a variety of payment options and the best thing is that there are no extra charges.

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