EIZO announces a highly durable 15″ touch panel monitor for industrial applications

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EIZO announced a 15-inch touch panel monitor with high durability and multiple mounting configurations to suit a range of industrial environments- the DuraVision FDX1502T. The Eizo DuraVision FDX1502T features analog resistive touch technology which accepts touch input from gloved or bare hands, as well as styluses, making it flexible for a range of environments. Analog resistive touch technology is more resistant to dust and water compares to other touch technologies for increased durability.

The maximum brightness of 320 cd/m2 ensures the screen is clearly visible even in bright ambient environments. Furthermore, the brightness is adjustable to as low as 0.5 cd/m2 for viewing in low ambient lighting conditions. The FDX1502T is a highly durable 15″ touch panel monitor for industrial applications.

The DuraVision FDX1502T is built for durability, capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from 0 – 50°C. In addition, the cabinet does not contain ventilation holes, making it impervious to liquids and dust. The DuraVision FDX1502T is available in multiple mounting configurations for flexible installation – with a stand for placement on a desk or other surface, without a stand for attaching to VESA-supported mounting structures, and panel mount for installation into existing systems, such as industrial machinery or POS systems.

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