Enjoy Wireless Connectivity With an Android Car D-Dongle

Android Auto allows users to easily connect their Android phones to the infotainment systems in cars and use features like music, navigation and messaging. Android Auto’s traditional wired connectivity can be both inconvenient, as well as messy. There’s a way to solve this problem – the wireless Android Auto dongle. This article will cover the features and benefits of a Android Auto Bluetooth dongle. Read more now on https://guruhitech.com/cutting-the-cord-the-convenience-of-wireless-android-auto-dongle-by-seven-smart-auto/.

Wireless Android Auto Dongle Benefits

Benefits of using a Wireless Android Auto Dongle

It’s more convenient: With a wireless dongle, you can use Android Auto without having to connect via a cable.

Aesthetics. A dongle replaces messy cables and enhances the appearance of the car interior.

Compatible with Android and many car brands and makes.

Safety: A dongle that allows Android Auto to be used hands-free will reduce distractions while driving and increase safety.

Using an Wireless Auto Dongle for Android

The use of a Wireless Android Auto dongle can be simple. Following are the simple steps.

Step 1: Purchase an Android Auto Dongle

To begin, purchase an Android Auto wireless dongle. You can choose from a variety of options, but make sure you select one compatible with your smartphone and vehicle.

The Dongle must be connected to your vehicle’s information system.

After you’ve got the dongle in hand, connect it up to your infotainment unit. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions as it may differ depending on what model and make of car you have.

Connecting your Phone to the Dongle

Then, you can connect the Android phone via Bluetooth. Bluetooth must be enabled on the phone. Then, search the Bluetooth setting for the dongle.

Step 4 – Launch Android Auto

The dongle should connect automatically when you launch Android Auto. Select the Dongle in Android Auto as the Audio Source if it isn’t already.

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