Fiberglass Flagpoles Benefits

Fiberglass flagpoles will last many years because of their strength, versatility, and durability. Fiberglass is nonconductive, so lightning won’t be a problem. Fiberglass poles won’t corrode. This is especially important if you live near saltwater, or are exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Fiberglass poles won’t rot as easily as aluminum and wood. They are protected by a hard, glossy gelcoat which can withstand most soiling.

Fiberglass flagpoles reach eighty feet in height. They can be used commercially or residentially. They only come in white. However, it is possible to request a different shade. The manufacturer must however use a weatherproof coat. Fiberglass is known for allowing paints stick to it. Repaint every few months.

Like aluminum, fiberglass flagpoles are available with an external or internal halyard system. This refers either to the pulley rigging, or the rope that is used for raising the flag. While external halyards can be less costly, they are generally more durable and easier to vandalize.

Inground fiberglass flagpoles should be secured in concrete and groundsleeve bases, as with all other materials. Concrete is very corrosive for fiberglass.

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