Flagpoles, Commercial and Residential

Amman, Jordan is home to the largest unsupported flagpole in the world. The 416-foot high carbon steel pole, which weighs in at over 190,000.lbs, was built in 2003. A flagpole with this size needs a solid foundation that can support up to 600 tonnes. The flagpole is bolted to the foundation by 36 carbon-steel bolts. The flag attached to the flag and the flag are made to withstand wind speeds up to ninety mph. It took two years to create source and was greatly assisted by large corporations.

While the task of building a flagpole might not seem as daunting, engineering principles will still apply.

First, calculate the height and dimensions for your flagpole. The length of your flag should not exceed 25-40% of its height.

Commercial flagpoles should be between 30-35 feet tall. You can make a bold statement by going shorter if you are looking to add some flair to your home’s front yard. A residential flagpole typically hovers between 25 and 25 feet for a single-story or two-story home.

Your final decision is to choose the material from which you want your pole constructed. Flagpoles of the highest quality are strong and durable. The best flagpoles are made of aluminum or fiberglass. Flagpoles can be made in bronze, stainless or carbon steel. Wood is not only beautiful, but it’s also one of the most vulnerable materials. This is why wallmounted banners are most popular. You can choose almost any color from fiberglass and bronze. For larger flagpoles carbon steel or stainless can be reserved.

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