How a third-party logistics provider can strengthen your warehousing and distribution

In the past few years, the importance of efficient storage and distribution has grown. Smart business owners understand that this transformation is driven by the desire to provide superior customer service at the lowest cost. In the current economic climate, the warehouse and distribution network must process orders quickly, deliver products on time, provide a variety of value-added service and keep costs low discover more here.

Third party logistics providers are likely to have a proven track record of continuously improving their warehousing services and will also provide benefits such as flexibility in warehouse space, inventory optimisation, and customised solutions for your business. Third-party logistics suppliers are likely to be able to demonstrate a track record for continuously improving their warehouse and distribution services. They will also offer benefits like flexibility in the space of your warehouse, inventory optimization and customised solutions that can assist your business.

A third-party logistics provider with experience will provide a full range of services including domestic and off-shore warehousing as well as value added services and distribution. Your business may need a revamp if warehousing or distribution is not a core competency. This will help you achieve greater performance and profitability. 3PL providers can help you with issues such as missed orders, insufficient stock visibility, stock discrepancies, poor stock accuracy, and more.

Learn 5 ways that a third-party logistics provider (3PL), can help you with your warehouse and distribution requirements.

Increase market reach

Many businesses are looking to expand their market to allow them to grow faster. A wider distribution and warehousing network is needed, ideally in a plug-and-play mode. Smart businesses are aware that a 3PL domestic warehouse service can provide them with the desired network coverage in all major cities.

2) Multichannel fulfillment support

Over the past few years, business models have changed dramatically. This has had a direct impact on your warehouse and distribution network. Businesses need to find faster ways of supporting new models via multiple distribution channels while still keeping costs in check. A 3PL expert quickly aligns itself and is ready to help businesses by managing multichannel fulfilment distribution in an integrated solution.

3) Access to the latest technology

Carting, SKU sorting and picking and dispatching were all time-consuming processes in the past. The latest technologies such as RFID, bar-coding, and vehicle tracking can make operations more efficient and effective. A 3PL expert is constantly seeking out and deploying new technologies to improve service levels, and to benefit your warehouse and distribution networks.

4) Optimized workforce management

The cost of manpower can vary greatly depending on the demands of your business. Smart businesses know this and hire a 3pl for end-to-end cost optimization and supply chain management.

Five more value-added service options

Even though many 3PL providers can manage your entire supply chain, you may need additional services at times. A 3PL expert will be able to provide many services to help your business succeed. These include kitting, repackaging and labeling, palletisation, co-loading of goods, cross docking (cross docking), milk runs, distribution bypassing (DC), among others.

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