How to Install Fencing around Your Home

There are some things you need to consider before installing The Fence Company AZ around your new house.

1. What is the purpose of fencing?

2. What type or style of fence would I like to have?

3. What kind of fence can I use for the purpose that I require it?

4. What is the cost?

5. How do I install the software myself?

6. And most importantly, am I sure of my actual property boundaries?


Concrete mixing tubs, extension cables, power saws with plastic cutting blades, a 4 foot level, and a tripod are all essential items. If your land is sloped you can rent a tripod with a level to help level fences as you move down and up different sections. Safety glasses and work gloves are also recommended. It is important to have a wrench on hand for tightening clamp bolts. But a good socket and ratchet will save time.


Fencing complete with caps, rails, etc.

Concrete Redi-mix, (bagged)


You can paint or stain wood fencing

Some wood scraps can be used to create temporary braces.

Among the many different types of fencing that are available today, you can find chain link, aluminum fences, plastic and PVC. Each fence has a different ability to perform a specific task. You wouldn’t use a roll of soft plastic to fence in a 150-pound pitbull. Soft plastic roll fences or chicken-wire fencing can be used to secure your garden. The type of fence you choose will depend on the purpose for which the fence was built. In our example, we will be installing a fencing to protect an underground swimming pool. For this purpose, a number of fence types are suitable. Steel, PVC, chain link and wood are all high strength materials. Most states require an inground pool to have a minimum 48″ fence height. These types all meet that requirement.

PVC fencing is offered in different heights. This fence material has a strong and durable construction and vertical slats suitable for use as a pool enclosure. PVC fencing is expensive but has a high lifespan and only requires occasional cleaning. It comes with decorative items such as corner posts, finials and locking gates. DIY Self installation? The majority of handy homeowners are able to do the work. With a bit of time and attention, they can produce a nice finished product.

The height and style of wooden fencing can be varied. As panels can be up to 8′ long, you may need assistance in handling these pieces. For wood fences, concrete support posts are required. They can also be modified to fit odd shapes or obstacles by cutting and renailing.

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