How to Send the Globe a Message With A Flag

Why is it that many people hang flagpoles and pennants on flagpoles at the drop-of-a-hat to celebrate their success or the homecoming a loved one? You could say that this is a wonderful visual way for people to know how much they are loved. It also gives a feeling of belonging to a particular cause. Flag stores are frequently overwhelmed by requests for family flags and such. Most offer a custom-flag service website here.

Everyone will know the identifying pennants which will be flown from vessels at sea. However, they may not know that each pennant it flies has its own meaning in the naval services. The decoration of a ship coming into port is not the only reason for these beautiful strings deco pennants. They may be used to signify the home port or a message to the country they’re visiting such as “our company is honored by being in your country”.

Sometimes these pennants are simply celebrating the anniversary of a monarch. The Royal Nave, in England, will always remember Nelson’s birthday. Nelson is widely respected as being one of the greatest and most loved seafarers. These pennants will show the country where cargo ships are registered. It is very rare that it is the country where the ship originates from. This is known as a convenience’ pennant. It’s done in order to take advantage tax laws in that specific country. So ships that look like Panama are actually from another country.

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