Important Questions To Ask A Plumbing Contractor

You should consider a few things before you hire a best plumbing contractor. In the past, you may have heard some horror stories of inexperienced plumbing contractors who could have destroyed someone’s system or had some complications on the job. You can see from these horror stories how important it is that you take your time to find a qualified and reputable plumber in Mill Valley, CA. Asking the right questions to your plumber can help you ensure that your plumbing is in safe hands.

1. Are you licensed?

Asking this question is essential when you are looking for a plumber in Mill Valley, CA. Do not just accept their word, ask for proof. Some companies do not have a license, but many homeowners think that all plumbers are licensed. To be a licensed plumbing means to have registered with the governing body in your state or area. If you want to know more, it is possible to find the licensing regulations for your locality online. A good plumber without a license would not be able to provide work that has been properly inspected.

2. What is the total price?

The majority of professional plumbers are willing to give their customers an estimate free of charge. However, be wary if you receive a quote over the phone. The plumbers should check the job at your house before starting the work. Your prospective plumber can give you an estimate of the total cost for the job including labor and materials. They will also provide a contingency strategy in case there are any problems. On paper, some estimates may look great, but they only include basic materials. As the job progresses, you could be surprised to find that the price goes up.

3. When should I pay my bill?

Find out how much the plumber wants to be paid in advance and when. You should walk away from the plumber if he asks for payment of the total cost up front. Ideal would be to pay the plumber at milestones. After they have completed a specific piece of work you can pay an agreed upon percentage. Some plumbers also base payment on the amount of time spent. After a set number of weeks or days, you may pay a part of the total price. Although some plumbers work slowly in order to receive higher payments, you should be cautious.

4.Who will complete the job?

Most professional plumbing companies employ more plumbers for large projects. Ask if the person who gives you a quotation will also complete the project. In that case, you should find out who will be doing the work as well as their level of expertise and qualifications. If the plumber’s answer is not satisfactory or does not give you all the information you need, it may be best to find another company.

5. Will you clean up this mess?

It should be obvious, but some plumbing companies do not clean up their mess after the project. Homeowners will be left with boxes, old materials, scraps and debris. Ask the company if cleaning is included in their quote. If not, find out why. Some companies will charge you extra for cleanup, but the cost is not worth it.

6. What if you break something?

Be sure to ask about their insurance and bonding before you sign a contract. Some companies will fix any issue within a single year, while other will only repair certain parts or fixtures under certain conditions. It is important that the warranty terms are clearly stated in the contract. It can be difficult to hire a professional plumber in Mill Valley, CA. But by asking the right questions, you can ensure that they will do a quality job.

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