Is there a credit application on your Buy Here Pay Now dealer website?

The online credit application is the most crucial aspect of your website for special finance and BHPH dealerships. You are wasting time and money online if you don’t have an online application for credit on your site, click this link!

You are more concerned with the financing of the vehicle than the sale. If the client isn’t going to apply for financing, then the vehicle you have listed on your website with its pictures and descriptions is a waste.

1. Credit applications must be secured. If you want to protect your customer’s privacy, they will need to be assured that their personal information is safe.

2. You must allow your customer to access your application and start entering information with NO MORE THAN ONE click from your homepage. Customers will leave your website if they have to click more than once.

3. You should only ask for information that is absolutely necessary on your credit application. On dealer websites, I’ve seen that 90 percent of customers who start the online application do not finish it. If you are running an online application, I’d bet you don’t know how many customers start but never finish. You can’t make your website so easy to use that people will not hit “back”.

The web is the future for special finance, and BHPH. You need to get heavily involved with the internet for your business if you’re not already. You are wrong if you think that you don’t need to use the internet for your business. There will always be those who will use this opportunity to their detriment.

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