Japanese Chefs Knives

Japanese chefs knives only use the best materials. Professional chefs love these knives and are looking for the best in food preparation. This information has become widely known. Many people now prefer to buy Japanese chef knives than expensive European ones, discover more here.

Food Network began to screen professional chefs. Since then, both businessmen and homewives have desired the same outcome.

Professionally handcrafted knives can get expensive. A complete set, which includes 5-6 knives, costs around 500 to 600 dollars. You can buy the best Japanese hand-crafted chefs knives at restaurants all over the globe for around 68 to $80 each. It is durable, high-quality, and long-lasting.

A Japanese chef knife of high quality should be available in your kitchen.

Paring knives are used for many kitchen cutting tasks, including cutting small garnish pieces or deseeding jalapenos. It is very light and simple to use. It measures 180mm in total length. Its thickness is 1.5mm. Its total weight measures 55 g.
Pistol (or knife): This knife can cut medium-sized vegetables like onions, string beans or other soft and light vegetable. Its length can vary from 225 to 265mm. Its thickness is 1.5mm. Its weight is between 70 – 80gm.
Boning knife: This tool is used primarily in the preparation and cooking of meat, fish, or poultry. It has a narrow and pointed blade. It measures 3mm thick, 275mm in length, and weighs just 190gm. This knife is great to perform delicate maneuvers.
Santoku is a general-purpose knife that can also cut larger vegetables like cabbage, pumpkins, or potatoes. It is capable of cutting, slicing, dicing, and mincing in just minutes.

Original Japanese chef knives were made of carbon steel. The same quality is also found in these knives. The knife’s internal core is made from carbon steel. A layer of soft, ductile steel is sandwiched around this core to make sure that the steel (hard), can’t be seen beyond the cutting edge.

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