Learn the secrets of prostate massage!

Massaging the prostate is a practice that has existed for many thousands of years. The practice of massaging the prostate is becoming increasingly common. Its purpose is to deliver pleasure and bring the male into orgasm. Continue reading?

It can be difficult to learn how to massage the prostate. This article will cover the basic steps to get maximum enjoyment.

Use plenty of lubricant. Wear a disposable vinyl glove to protect yourself from bacteria.

The next step is to caress the penis, the anus and the perineum. This can help to get you or your partner ejaculate, but also acts as an excellent form of pre-play.

The person receiving the massage should relax their anal muscle. This can be made easier by using slow, circular strokes to gently massage the area around the sphincter. It will relax the sphincters and stimulate the nerves. This will result in less pain and more pleasure, so take your time.

Insert a finger, or two fingers or an elongated massaging tool in the shape of a sexy toy. Once you are relaxed, place the device into the opening. You can experiment with different pressures and speeds once you are inside. Slow and gentle movements will help you find the prostate. If you’re able to get deeper, look for the walnut-shaped organ. You can find it in the area between the scrotum ans the anus or the perineum. You can find the button by aiming towards your bellybutton.

What do you look for when searching?

When the recipient feels the urge to urinate or when their penis begins to leak seminal liquid. Some people refer to this process as’milking,’ because of the seminal liquid that is leaking from the penis.

How to massage:

Gently stroke the prostate from one side to the other. You can then do it again, but from the opposite side. You should start with gentle, light strokes, but if you wish, apply more pressure or change your method. Be aware of signs of discomfort. If you or your partner feels pain, slow down or apply less pressure.

You’ll soon get used to massaging the prostate. You may feel some discomfort at first, but you will soon learn which massage works best for you.

What are the signs that you’re performing it correctly?

When the recipient becomes excessively aroused and reaches climax, you know.

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