Look Up Tips For Minimizing Roof Damage

There are some aspects of homeownership that only require minimal maintenance, but this does not apply to all. You don’t need to perform much maintenance once you install your floor, or after you paint the walls, or when you install appliances. There are other areas of the home which require regular inspection. The plumbing, garage doors, siding, and roofing are just some of the areas that need to be inspected, read this!

As with many other elements in your home, you do not want to ignore the roof. Failing to maintain this part can lead to a variety of problems. Let’s focus on the ways you can reduce roof repairs.

How to maximize the life of your roof

Do a roof inspection from the ground at least twice per year. Check for problems such as missing or lifting shingles, missing fasteners, sagging gutters or damaged drip edges, piles of granules or damaged drip edge, or loose or buckling flashing.

You should clean your gutters at least twice per year. This should be done after big storms.

Cut back any branches within 10 feet from your roof. It reduces the risk that they will blow on your roof during a storm. It will also make it very difficult, if not completely impossible, for animals such as raccoons and critters to get on your roof.

Make sure that your attic has been properly ventilated and insulated. Proper insulation and ventilation will prevent ice dams from forming or excessive moisture.

Grab a caulking tool and make sure that the flashings are securely installed. Do you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself? Call in an expert.

It is still important to inspect your roof twice per year. However, you don’t need to spend time on the roof. You should try to avoid the roof whenever possible.

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