Massage Chairs: The New Breed

Massage chair manufacturers have launched a new line including the OS-4000, and OS-7000 which make chairs from a few short years ago seem like toys. These high-tech massage chairs are capable of a variety of techniques, and can be programmed for a relaxing or strong massage. Visit osim before reading this.

Until a few short years ago, massage chairs were at most an interesting substitute for a massage by a massage therapist. The OS-4000 and OS-7000 chairs have completely changed the game. The quality of the massage is often better than a human-massage.

Even chairs that cost seven grand or more did not deliver the convenience of on-demand massages in your home until recently. The 4000 chair changed that and now the 7000, with its advanced heat massage and massage technology is changing the game again.

The 4000 chair is very versatile. The chair is equipped with a Zero Gravity feature and adjusts automatically to your body by using sensors. The chair uses 48 airbags and heat to provide pressure. The OS-4000 has both a simple wireless remote control that lets you move the chair and a more advanced remote that gives you access to the OS-4000’s many features.

OS-7000, a Super Deluxe Zero Gravity Massage Chair. And so it is. Since its release, this NEW chair has amazed users and broken sales records. Many people believed that the 4000, the best-selling massage chair, was the ideal massage chair. They thought it would take years before other massage chairs could match its technological innovation. They were wrong.

Enter the world of comfort and relaxation with a simple push of a button. Zero Gravity reduces spinal stress by elevating legs above heart level and placing spine horizontally. Zero Gravity is a position that reduces stress and mimics a feeling of floating. It has been approved by the U.S. Space Program. One of the many features of the new OS-7000. The chair is so full of features and built so well that it can be used at home. The OS-7000 is much cheaper than other massage chairs that offer the same features.

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