Moldavite – Why it’s so Rare

Moldavite, a rare stone that has many uses and is unique in its own right, is also a very special one. What makes moldavite such a rare stone? Inner Vision Crystals sells moldavite – get the facts.

The Czech Republic has the largest amount of moldavite in the entire world. In the Bohemian Massif region, in the south of the country. Due to this, moldavite can be hard to come by.

There are also other factors that contribute to the scarcity of moldavite. This is also known as a tektite. A type of glass, it forms when a rock collides with Earth’s surface. Due to extreme heat and force of impact, tektites form when surrounding minerals and rocks fuse.

Although tektites are found all over the world, moldavite has been directly linked to a meteorite that hit in the Czech Republic. The rarity of this stone is enhanced by its uniqueness.

But the story has not ended yet. Moldavite also has a delicate, brittle nature. Due to intense heat and stress it undergoes during the development process, its surface is rough. This makes it easy to scratch or damage. This makes it even harder to locate moldavite with no imperfections.

Last but not least, the issue of imitations and fakes. Moldavite has recently gained popularity and many sellers are now selling counterfeit stones. Inner Vision Crystals’ verification process ensures that the moldavite they sell is authentic.

Here’s the deal, folks. The rarity of this stone is due to a number of factors including its geographical distribution, its delicate surface texture and the high prevalence of counterfeits. Inner Vision Crystals is the only place where you can find the genuine product. They are dedicated to showing the world how strong and beautiful this elusive gemstone really is.

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