Moldavite’s Story: extremely sought-after stone

Moldavite is an extremely sought-after stone. The story of its mysterious powers and deep, green hues started over 14 million-years ago in the Czech Republic. There it emerged from the remains of a massive meteoric impact. Although the stone didn’t originate from outer space itself, it is the acceleration of this cosmic event along with its impact on the earth that resulted in the crystallization from which this powerful and valuable stone was created. Moldavite pieces, which are becoming more rare than diamonds, will cause powerful and positive change in the lives of those who invest in them. Be prepared to undergo this transformation. Moldavite is a very high frequency rock that will eliminate any obstacles in your way. Visit us!

Moldavite, the ultimate in feminine empowerment, invites you to new-earth experience and life transformations for your highest good. Nothing is impossible in this realm of heaven. Take a look at our gorgeous, ethically harvested Moldavite collections, available in both stores and online when you feel the need. You can be confident that your Moldavite pieces are authentic. If you’re ready, get there quickly because Moldavite becomes increasingly rare. Use your intuition to help you find your perfect piece.

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