One Individual’s Experience As a “Math Work Outsourcer”

The question that kept popping into my head was “Should someone pay me to take a class website?” The question was constantly in my head as I read through my math textbook. Arithmetic is a language that I find strange, filled with arcane formulas. This experience made math seem even easier.

Are you able to recall the feeling of being lost? This was my experience with math homework. All the problems seemed impossible. In my desperation, i outsourced the assignment. The deadlines made me stressed and confused. I regret my choice. I thought this was a quick fix, but the solution ended up taking more time.

Being given professional responsibilities was the first opportunity to open my mind. The blueprint I received was not an answer. The explanations and step-bystep instructions made it easy for me to comprehend. Similar to a language translator, it worked similarly. The algebraic and calculus hieroglyphs were gradually converted into phrases.

Discuss my new perspective. At first, math seemed like a scary thing that you should avoid doing before bed. The moment I handed over my schoolwork, it felt like turning on the lamp. The object became less frightening. Unsettling clothes in the dark. The ‘why behind the what’ was revealed. Why does quadratic work so well? Why do algebraic equations require letters to be written? In order to be able solve problems, I have learned more than just numbers.

Our vacation was not only about learning mathematics, but also how to learn. We learned something from every project. The strategies used by experts were adopted. The experts explained why they had chosen these strategies to find the answers. The experience was similar to learning how to catch your own fish as opposed being handed a fish. The tactics I used and my understanding of them have grown.

There were also challenges, just like on any journey. In order to stay away from becoming overly dependent on help, we had to be careful. You can easily lose your confidence when there is support. My goal, which was not only to do my homework, but also get an education, had me constantly reminded. This was like learning how to ride a motorcycle without the training wheels. You had to have balance.

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