Prepare Your Hardwood Floor Installation

You can install wood floors for yourself or a client. If you want your hardwood flooring to last, a level surface is key additional info. It is crucial to prepare the subfloor. Subfloors form the foundation of any installation. The only way to determine how level the subfloor is and what amount of materials are needed is by carefully studying it.

Installing hardwood floors can be expensive. Not only are customers interested in the material price, but they also care about installation costs. The clients don’t want to be “surprised”. They do not wish to spend more money on leveling. Installing the system more expensively allows homeowners to save on costs.

You will need to convince them that the old floor coverings must be removed. Use carpet, cork or vinyl. The old flooring could be hardwood, tile or Linoleum. It’s best to convince them to remove their existing flooring where you want to install the hardwood. Some clients might ask you to not disturb their existing flooring, and instead place the new one directly on top. If you accept this arrangement, ensure that you measure the impact the floor will have on your door operation, tile docking, and other flooring types.

Refinishing old wood will save your customer a lot of money. This will allow the customer to save lots of money. Remember that honest installers of flooring earn more. We will return to what we consider the most critical part of installation: leveling. Always level your home. The house continues to shrink and shift even if previous leveling was performed. The previous leveling could have been incorrect.

Do not pour in all the compound if a big hole needs to be leveled. Pour in smaller adjustment layer each time while using primer. Wait until primer has dried before proceeding to fill or install hardwood. You will have to be careful not to overfill the pit. This can cause it crumble beneath the hardwood. Once you have the knowledge and skills to do it, your installations are not only more beautiful but also more reliable.

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