Salt-Free Water Softeners fix Hard Water Issues

You should consider installing a salt-free water softener if you are worried about hard water in your house. These systems are able to effectively treat the source without the environmental impact, waste, and expense of ion-exchange water softeners, article source.

Hard water can pose a problem for your plumbing and appliances. But, installing a water-treatment system can have serious drawbacks. The latest technology in water softening is salt-free. This technology can be used to prevent hard water from forming without the harmful effects of an ion exchange system. These systems can stop hard water from damaging your appliances and pipes without the need for expensive softening. This new technology can be installed by your water treatment service.

Traditional softeners replace calcium ions in hardwater with sodium ions. This creates salty water and consumes a lot of energy. These water softeners can be found here:

Water waste? Did your traditional system waste between 200 and 240 gallons per week? This is 12,500 gallons wasted each year. For a better understanding of this figure, consider that most people in the developing countries use less than three gallons per daily. The water lost by one ion-water softener is sufficient to sustain thirteen people for an entire calendar year.

Produce high levels of sodium in wastewater As a result, they create salt water waste. This salt water gets drained down the drain, and then into the main supply. There it will have to be removed to make water safe again. The traditional ion-water softeners do not just waste water but they also add sodium contamination to it!

These problems can be avoided with a non-salt water softener. These innovative water treatment systems speed up the conversion of the dissolved minerals to nanoparticles, instead of relying only on sodium. Without causing any damage or scaling, tiny crystals of calcium or magnesium can pass easily through your plumbing. Saltless water softeners

Use no electricity

Need no special drain

Low cost, soft quality

It can be installed in areas that have restrictions on salt systems

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