Self-Storage Size Dimensions

This is especially true for those who want to store items in an off-season. You can use it to store items when you are moving or on vacation. For any reason, the right type of unit is required. For a self-storage space to qualify as ideal, it must possess certain qualities – read more. These qualities are listed below.

You must know exactly how big your unit is before you rent it. Storage should never exceed your needs. Rent is directly linked to the size of the space and therefore one would end up shelling out more money if ‘larger-than-required’ space is taken on rent. On the other hand, the purpose of taking self-storage space will be defeated if ‘smaller-than-required’ space is taken on rent. It is better to rent smaller or medium-sized storage units, depending on the size of your items.

The ideal storage unit should include a climate control system. The unit protects the items from extreme temperature variations and increases their lifespan.

Accessibility: This facility must be easily accessible. Moreover, it should be properly equipped for ease of loading and unloading. If you’re considering a self storage facility, make sure to check if it has ramps, trolleys or similar. Accessibility can be affected by the hours in which a unit operates. If you need 24/7 access, select a 24/7 storage facility. Be aware that this facility type may have higher rents. Gate hours for self-storage must always be greater than normal office hours. The convenience of the customer is our main concern.

Security measures are vital. It is essential that the facility has adequate security. This includes CCTV cameras and locks which can be automatically operated, as well as lights, fence protection, alarms, and boundary protection. Self storage facilities must be equipped with this.

It is important to have flexibility. Ideal self-storage would offer many options for payment. Rent may be charged monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on the client’s requirements. Rent can be quite expensive if you pay monthly. Annual rental is cheaper. With longer agreements, some discounts may also be available. They allow you to rent the unit at a time that is convenient for you and save money.

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