Social Media 101: Free Leads

In today’s business, the use of social media to obtain free MLM prospects is essential. People already talk about you and your business on social media whether you are using it or otherwise. Joining the conversation will allow you to connect directly with MLM leads and spread the word of your business, read here!

This type of interaction will help you build MLM business relations that are stronger and more successful. You can also take part in conversations about your work and things that are important to you.

Social Media leads are not obtained by marketing. You approach them the way business is done.

What I am trying to say is:

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin are all popular.

Just treat ALL of these websites like a big party. Right? You wouldn’t go to a gathering and mention your MLM, business or wonderful product. The party will be a disaster if you bring up your MLM business or talk about it.

Imagine for a second what you do. Your conversation revolves around your children, your life and family, the recent news, or other topics that you find interesting.

Social Media behaves the same as a party! Act like you’re at a party when using Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. The interaction could be as easy as asking the people to comment on an article, or voting for it. The interaction could be more complex than recommending films or music, and obtaining ratings from other people who share similar interests.

It’s a social world. All around you, people, companies, and employees are blogging, posting links, or making their voices known in social networks. Social collaboration is changing the way that people work.

Focus on being social, entertaining and sharing your experiences when using Social Media. To put it another way, you should focus on creating a genuine, meaningful relationship with others. This is the key to attracting people to your MLM or buying your products.

What I’m trying to say is, how can you use the connections that you make on social media sites to create new distributors for your business and put money in your pockets?

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