The Women’s Hunt for the ideal Gift

eBay will announce the results of their national survey by 2022. It will be able to identify different types of holiday shoppers and their gift-giving styles. In the website-commissioned survey called “The The Psychology of Gifting” carried out by Kelton Research, adult American women were asked about their preferences for holiday gifts. The study revealed four distinct types of shoppers were identified. Each was associated with different gift-giving styles.

Survey on Gift Giving Types by eBay

According to the eBay-sponsored survey, American women can be divided into four categories of gift givers. Which group do you belong to?

People who feel emotionally giddy. About 4 out of 10 American women are considered to be emotional Givers. After carefully evaluating the gift and the person who will receive it, they will usually look for unique items. They want to demonstrate the level of their acquaintance with who they are gifting to. Thus, they organize wrapping, gift wrap and sometimes send gifts with notes or cards.

Practical Givers. Around 1 in 5 American women fall into this category. The best gifts are cold cash (or gift certificates, gift certificates) and gift cards. The principle of practicality rules their present giving. Consequently, it is up to the recipient to select the item that they think is the best. Also, the best instrument for that sort of freedom is either cash or a gift card.

Convenience Givers. Around 16 percent from survey respondents stated they were the type. The Convenience Givers are good shopping. They would rather buy presents from one store. In these cases, searching for unique gift ideas is a task will eventually require them to (often reluctantly) accomplish. The majority of Convenience Gifters do not feel much excitement or satisfaction in searching for that perfect present.

The Last Minute Gift Givers The group of women that shop on the last day of Christmas for presents. They seem to enjoy having fun with the rush of last minute purchase. Around 13% of American women are in this group. The majority of gift-buyers do not plan their gifts in advance of the Christmas season.

It seems possible to exhibit certain characteristics that are common to the different types of givers. Most people, however, one characteristic dominates, but a few are just secondary behavioral traits.

Bloggers have written that they’re mix of the Convenience and Emotional presenter. He said that the only online shop he used to purchase Christmas gifts – all of which were meticulously thought out and planned specifically for specific recipients proved this. Before his transmogrification to the Emotional-Convenience hybrid, he claimed he was definitely of the Last-Minute breed.

Skepticism of Such Surveys

eBay’s survey appears to be extremely well-thought out and was said as having 95% certainty with a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points. The first time I heard about the survey, my first instinct was to do a self-check and figure out what type of gift giver I am. Then, after a while I realized that these surveys must be used with a pinch salt.

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