There are several signs that your roof needs urgent repair.

Ah, roofs. Aren’t roofs like silent protectors of our houses, discover more? They are always above us. Always brave the weather, take the blows, so that we can have a cup of tea in peace. Like everything else, roofs have a limit. Let’s have a chat about how to tell if your roof has sent out an S.O.S. Roof restoration Sydney is the answer.

Have you ever walked into a room to find a “artistic-looking” stain of water on the ceiling? You may have noticed unexpected moisture in your attic when you went up there. It’s the roof saying, “Hey!” There’s a problem up there! It’s always a better idea to check this than to wait until it rains to RSVP for an invitation inside.

Shingles are sometimes a bit dramatic. They may curl, crack or even leave your roof when they are tired. They’re probably past their prime if they are acting like this. A quick makeover could be needed.

Have you ever seen the fancy green roofs that are so popular? Roofs that have an unplanned garden of algae or moss. These roofs may look like a fairy tale, but the moisture they hold is bad for your shingles.

You’ve probably heard about droopy eyelids, but what about droopy roofing? Your roof is screaming for help if it looks as if it is doing a sad, saggy jig. The roof looks like it’s buckling; this is not good for safety or a nice look.

The granules in shingles are like sunscreen. Sometimes, however, these granules fall off, and your gutters will look like a sandy beach. This means that your roof is feeling the sun’s heat.

While wood roofs are charming and rustic, they come with some fine print. The wood can warp or even worse, rot. You want to get them treated quickly, because they look like flu patients.

Do you get energy bills so high that you feel like you are powering an entire country? Sometimes, it’s right up there. It’s possible that a worn-out roof is not insulating the home properly. If you are spending a lot of money on cooling or heating, then it is worth checking!

Last but not least, if the stars can be seen from your roof, as well as in your own eyes, then we’ve got a serious problem.

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