What is Car Detailing?

The term auto detailing (also known as car detailing) is widely used today and has different meanings for different people. The term detailing in America is often used to refer to all types of car washing, while in Britain, car valeting is the preferred term to describe the vast majority of car-cleaning activities. More hints?

The correct definition of car detailing, however, is the meticulous cleaning, polishing and protection of all the parts and surfaces on a car, from the top down, both inside and outside, with specialist products and tools that are not used by the average car cleaner. The term does not cover paintwork or body repairs. However, some cosmetic restoration work can be done, like stone chip repair and wet-sanding clear coats.

Car detailing’s main goal is to restore and enhance the cars paintwork. It does this by removing the swirl marks, scratches and light scratches that accumulate over the years and reflect the light so that it creates an unsightly effect of cobwebs on the clearcoat or paint surface. Prior to this, however, it is important to thoroughly clean and wash the vehicle’s exterior to eliminate as much dirt and contaminants as possible.

The exterior detailing procedure begins with foaming the car and letting it soak. By doing this, you can soften any surface dirt before pre-rinsing. While the vehicle is soaking in foam, use a soft bristled brush to gently agitate window rubbers. Plastic grills, trims details, and badges. This foam is thoroughly rinsing off along with all the dirt and grime that has been loosened.

Prior to washing paintwork on a car, it is common practice to clean the wheel arches and wheel wells. This is because these are the most dirty and polluted parts. Special brushes and wheel cleaners are used in order to remove baked-on brake dust, grime, and other contaminants from wheel wells, lug nuts as well as the rear wheels.

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