What Size Self Storage Unit Should You Choose?

Self-storage units come in many different sizes www.autumnwoodstorage.com/. Make a list of everything you want to store. This will help you determine what size unit is best for you. A list can be very useful because you’re less prone to forget things that need more space. Think about future needs. Will you be adding more items? Add them to your checklist to ensure that you have enough space for your items both now and later.

When you have decided what items you want to store, consider their weight and size. While some items may stack well, others are too heavy or have an awkward shape and need their own space. To determine how much room you require, pack your items and stack them. You can use a measuring tape to find out how much room you need once you’ve found the most efficient way of packing your items without damaging them. To find out how to best store things, try using different containers and boxes.

Depending on the amount of time that you plan to keep your items, you may need to make sure there is enough space to ventilate and allow access. Packing items close together is fine when storing for a short time. When storing things for longer periods, you should provide more space to allow for ventilation and easy accessibility. If you need to regularly access your belongings, leave enough room in the unit for a walkway. To make access easy, place your items along the aisle.

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