Which Hosting Platform Do You Decide? Windows or Linux Web hosting

When choosing hosting choosing the Operating System of the server is among of the main issues to be answered. There are numerous operating systems but there are two dominant ones for web servers – Windows as well as Linux. These two web hosting operating systems are the most well-known and widely used. Both operating systems are available by nearly all hosts. Get more info!

Both platforms are great, but each has their particular benefits and drawbacks. Linux is open-source. Windows isn’t. Each platform has its own supporters and also a large number of dissidents.

It is crucial to consider your needs and not only your feelings when choosing between the two platforms. Before making a final decision regarding webhosting take into consideration the following factors.

What platform was your application built on? This is the very first inquiry. If your site or web application was developed using .Net or another Microsoft technology, this would mean that you will need to have a windows web hosting. Certain technologies work with both operating systems and platforms, in some cases the operating system of the application will bound you to choose the same platform to host your web site. Numerous websites utilize database. If you are running MS SQL Server then also windows servers are essential.

The decision needs to be made even before the applications have been submitted or else the process of moving a website is a major problem!

2) Safety An eCommerce website should be percent secured. Indeed, any software that contains personal data and important information or financial data needs to be protected. Linux web hosting is considered to be more secure than Windows. Windows has many security flaws (which can be fixed quickly) which viruses and hackers frequently take advantage of. It has been noted that the security of servers depends on how good an administrator they have. Windows servers are protected under the supervision of an administrator who is proactive and aware of their actions.

3.) Cost: Linux servers cost less than Windows servers because Linux is completely free. Linux isn’t necessarily more expensive, but that doesn’t make it less effective than Windows servers. Windows on the other hand is a service that needs to be bought. That means that there are additional expenses. This means that the price differential for a webmaster who is an end user although it is not a huge difference. This small variation in cost of hosting doesn’t alter the odds in Linux’s favor with a huge margin.

4.) The Linux Operating System is a slender Learning Curve. The process of learning Linux for someone who uses a desktop OS can be overwhelming. But if you choose a Linux web hosting service, then there is no need to worry about it. Web-based software will be available that will allow you to interact with the server without difficulties. These applications will allow you to carry out almost any job, including FTP as well as database management. They are extremely useful.

You may have noticed that there is no definitive winners in this endless war between two mighty foes. There is only one major difference between them: the operating system of the program. Other than that your personal preference will drive your selection.

There is no difference in the platform you choose, however it’s crucial to only choose a reputable and reputable web hosting service that has minimum time to go down, a good speed as well as quick customer help.

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