Why Choose MT4 as a Forex Trading Platform?

The most widely used Forex trading platforms are FXCM Markets Metatrader 4, Alpari’s, InterbankFX and Forex.com. This list can go on and on due to the fact that it is portable from desktops to phones, as well as multi-account trading. Installing the software and connecting quickly to your trading accounts is quick. The MT4 trading platform offers customizable screens and window. This platform features a simple to use buy and sell form as well as 50+ built-in indicators.

MQL4 is the most essential feature. This language allows users to program their strategies and trade automatically. Trading platform with forum, support and extensive training for novice and veteran traders looking to automate winning strategies and generate passive income. The trading platform also comes with a tool that allows you to run a test on your strategy by using historical data.


This software is popular among seasoned traders as opposed to MT4 that is popular for the everyday house trader. This software includes customizable screens and Windows and an inbuilt indicator. The software can also be used to manage multiple trading accounts. It comes with a trading EA. This programming system is similar to MQL4 on MT4, except that it’s built using plain English or structure text instead of C-programming jargons. It allows traders to automate and program their strategies.


The software allows for multi-currency trades and has built-in indicator charts. NinjaScript allows you to automate trading. The simulator allows you to simulate your strategy with historical data. The trading platform also has a variety of forums and websites that provide technical support, know-how and other information.


The fact that it’s built completely on JAVA, and is fully portable is slowly gaining its popularity. This software includes an integrated chart, multi-currency trading, and the programming language Protrader for automating strategies. Full support for web, desktop and mobile application.

In house develop software

Forex Brokers provide a variety of software applications platforms, also known as in-house software. The software is updated and improved by their in-house programming and research team. The majority of the software is designed to be fully functional via Web or desktop. The majority of in house software comes without programming languages, making it a handicap compared to MT4, NinjaTrader or tradestation.

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