You can use vinegar in many different ways. The most common way to use vinegar is as the basis of a carpet cleaning solution.

Vinegar can be used to effectively clean your carpets if you know how. It can be used for removing stains from your carpets, without having to spend a lot of money. Vinegar is available for a low cost in many shops and can be used to replace costly carpet cleaners, click for source.
Spot remover DIY

You can make a paste by mixing white vinegar with soap. Then, using an old toothbrush or similar tool, work the paste into the stain. Allow the paste to dry and then vacuum up the baking soda. The stain should be gone.

It may be necessary to repeat this treatment for certain stains.

It is an all-natural cleaner that works great on carpets.

Mix equal parts of vinegar and water to remove stains from carpets or rugs. Apply the solution, rinse well, then pat dry. Allow the carpet to completely dry before you use this area.

Use vinegar to get rid of carpet stains. Find out how you can remove carpet stains with vinegar.
A Vinegar-Based Carpet Rinse

Use this method to ensure that your carpet stays cleaner for longer between washings.

Combine 1/4 cup vinegar and 1 gallon (or more) of water. Use the vinegar solution to steam clean your carpet after shampooing it.
The following works

Also, it neutralizes smells. It contains acetic, lactic, and malic acids. Cleaning your carpets with vinegar is a great solution.
Vinegar Cleaning Benefits

You can save money by buying
Avoid harsh chemicals
effective sanitizer
effective deodorizer
Stain Removal that is Highly Effective
The product is suitable for use by children and animals

You can use the vinegar from your kitchen to clean your carpet and make it look beautiful, without spending a lot of money. If you find stains, spots or any other problem on your carpets, then vinegar is the best way to bring back its original beauty.

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